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Paper gems


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Yes it can be quite surprising what search words your site comes up quite high for. I once misspelt thundercats and I got quite a lot of people coming to my site because they had misspelt it in the same way while searching in google. But hey it is always a good thing when you come high in search engines

Uri L.

Hi Tahir, thanks for the comment.

Yep, it's nice to get top ranks, but I remained kinda confused about MSN's ranking methods. I mean, what should I've done had I wanted to advance on MSN the main subjects this blog deals with?

Keep up with the great work you do at UrbanStyleRetro.com - a superb site!


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FilippoCirri (Filippo Cirri)


Good night
Thanks for your site.


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Bigfoot Toy

It really is a mystery. My White Christmas Ornaments site has consistently ranked high on Google page 1, but other sites where I have spent much more time never get close. SEO is a strange game, sor sure...


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