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Paper gems


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thanks for the "honest opinion". First point is taken! Although i feel that the purpose of asking the question regarding the "israeli competitive advantage" was to bring out some fun and interesting perspectives and aspects into this Web 2.0 context. It is probably useless for some people...but many others appreciate the opportunity to learn about it. After all...this was Israel Web Tour and Yes...it was somewhat expected (by the non-israelis) that you bring an element of culture into this.

Uri L.

Hiya Shuly,

It's really an honest opinion :)

If culture-aspect was significant for this event, then sure - let's share.
However, saying that we have good developers doesn't really tell much in the context of Web 2.0. Everybody has good developers. Most of the companies on this tour don't aim to
the Israeli web scene - but globally, or US mainly. So here it could be interesting to wonder how we think we can bridge on the huge culture gaps, that indeed aren't trivial to crack.
For example, the french web 2.0 projects can relate to their local scene, since many started with a local focus (even Maxthon the web browser is still first and foremost adapted to Chinese users habits). So they bring something from the French culture to their activity.

The Israeli web 2.0 geeks are part of a global community that communicates around the same centre of blogs & threads. The "web2.0" Torah is being sprung from "everyones" web...In many ways the only thing that really differs is that we chat about it in Hebrew :)


Hmpfff. Who are you calling "geeks"? :)


Uri....obviously we know the aim of the visiting web 2.0 companies was to reach beyond Israel otherwise we would not have initiated this effort. The companies each represent unique and very different solution for global users...and the common thread for all of them is Israel. Which...in the web 2.0 context it is not VERY important but in the global context it was something important to articulate. Particularly for our global investors and industry players who view Israel as source for great deals only in fabless semiconductors, telecommunications, enterprise software.

Uri L.

Sure, I'll ditto that.
For the investors & biz people audiece - definitely good to speard the word on Israeli innovation. There's even a new webTV project here (israelhightech.tv) for this (unfortunately, they don't upload the vids to Youtube and digg them, and don't blog - so the impact is weakened).

The event blog however would also attract web2.0 aficionados (= other bloggers mostly).They aren't really interested to hear our national pride but to get striahgt ahead with the app its uniqueness.
And they are the people who would eventually blog about those companies...

Btw, another suggestion -> why not asking from all the participants to digg your blog posts, once u air new videos or interesting news? 15 diggs still have good value...

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