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I'm leading what's called Digital Music R&D at Craze Digital - a unique digital music company which holds exclusive rights to some of the world's biggest artists.

We are actually the biggest Digital record label for Urban (hiphop/rap etc) music.

Our vision - Take digital music into the next level, develop new ways and avenues to embed music into the digital lifestyle, and to do it with a true belief in consumer technology and love for the music.

We're not aggregators nor a traditional record label. We strive to innovate, experiment and brainstorm in this field, by opening our mind to creative ideas and models, while keeping the music and the artists in the centre.

Some projects I've been involved in: - music/technology unconference (co-organiser)
Music Downloads on Sky TV - first digital downloads store on iTV in UK (designed and managed development)
MMS & Buy - instant purchase with camera phones, based on sophisticated image recognition (designed service concept and managed development)
TangibLaptop - a portable, affordable version of the hillarious reacTable. Soon to become a community project for Dj's and Musicians. (initiator and team member).

Off hours I'm working with local music producers, mainly in the electronic music genres. I'm practically managing the productions, taking care of the business side, and enjoy making music and interacting through music.

I find the emerging era of digital music (and that of digital media on a broader view) fascinating, both as a music "consumer", producer, and business manager.

What I'm passionately seeking is the new avenues and paths that will evolve from the cross-roads of Sounds, Networks, Wireless connectivity and Online identity.

One of these paths I currently like to contemplate about and examine relates to prosumer culture, digital music distribution and bluetooth devices - three independent form factors, that once tied together, could open a door to some interesting experiences and models, for the industry, the artists and the end user.

Other directions I'm keen to explore:

    Can a listener become a producer? (would he want to?)

    The wild threesome of music production, pervasive computing and mesh networks.

    Music flavour/taste - defining, mapping and matching.

Artists I've been working with:
The Askew (Recent release - "Invisible", Distraekt Recs. UK)
Fuf, Fufmatic, Wavelab (all are the same amazing guy)
Kuchmuch (myself...)

Small investor in: Mobiluck Palore


Music - producing, listening to (from Operas to minimal techno), synthesizing sounds, new models in the music business, old models that won't last, visualisation of music, mash-ups

Technologies - toothing and short range communication, pervasive computing, mesh networking, real time 3d graphics, innovative multimedia pageants, gnod statistics

Hobbies - jogging, sherlokian studies, old manuscripts, british drama

Mind digging - memes, prosumer culture, social software, creative commons