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Paper gems


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hey great Lego's avatar... at least thanks.. before i cant put music on my facebook... now i know how to do it!!!

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hey you byte boy... thanks for the lasts tips about my facebook maybe you can check it my work and give more help... see ya!

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@Affiliate promotion
you are right. They have given some nice information here

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I just hope that facebook doesn't end up like myspace. Music and videos are great additions, but whether or not they play should be desided by teh viewer.

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yep foxytunes rules, I always use it =)

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hey buddy! your doing some great stuff! keep it going!

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Nice and interesting video

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I really don't know what's "foxytunes planet. CAn you tell me more about it?

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Exactly, the facebook application is very simple but thanks anyway for sharing this information with us.

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I don't know about this topic more.But By reading your post I got impressed.Now I am interesting to know more about this.

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I like facebook!!

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great post!! i like facebook i meet my boyfriend in there lol

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facebook is cool!!!
i have some good friends from there!!!

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Is a good post I have a good time because I know many people here is very interesting.

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Foxytunes works well but isn't nothing espectacular

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Foxytunes works well if you don't want avery complex application, a good one.

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it's near youtube but in your profile ! I find it very comfortable

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Well I prefer the last.fm pluggin.

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I like the way foxytunes finds comments

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Maximum exposure to viewers profile can cause some privacy problem on a social bookmark

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There are the inhouse Video app, iMeem and a bunch of others, but they all basically have the same friction in the browsing-posting process.

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